What is EdStars

Powered by TAL, EdStars is a dedicated platform to connect education industry leaders and support top entrepreneurs in China.

Our Mission

EdStars is committed to discovering the entrepreneurs that will effect the greatest influence on the education industry. We provide training and professional services to help them grow, ultimately allowing more people to enjoy high quality education!

Our Vision

EdStars strives to be the most respected learning network for education industry leaders

Through our EdStars CEO Entrepreneur Camp, the EdStars division has provided learning opportunities and a platform for connecting passionate dreamers and doers in education. Since 2014, we have received applications from over 2,600 education-related ventures and recruited five cohorts. Our current network of 180 EdStars CEOs represents the diversity of China’s burgeoning education sector. For more information, please email us at
The EdStars Network

180 CEOs


29 companies closed Series

C funding rounds


40% of companies closed Series

B funding rounds


25 companies with

5m+ users


11 companies valued at

$500m+ USD

Meet the EdStars
  • JI Shisan

    founder Guokr Interactive Media

    JI Shisan is the pen name of Dr. JI Xiaohua, who received his PhD in neurobiology in 2007. He is the founder of Guokr Interactive Media, which publishes books, organizes events, and runs the popular web community Guokr.com, all with the aim of making science fun and accessible for all. The site currently averages 3.75 million daily views.

  • Cindy Mi

    Co-Founder and CEO VIPKID

    Cindy Mi was a classroom teacher and co-founder of ABC English for over a decade before she co-founded VIPKID in 2013. The one-on-one online English tutoring platform for young learners currently has over 500,000 registered users and recently received $100 million USD Series C funding as well as investment from Kobe Bryant and Jeff Stibel’s investment fund, Bryant Stibel.

  • MEI Chujiu

    Founder Jiemodui Education Media

    Ms. Mei is the founder and editor-in-chief of Jiemodui (JMD) Education Media. JMD is a leading media platform that provides information and services centering on education technology and innovation. It operates a business blog that covers edtech startups and investment in China, and also hosts major conferences and events. 

  • LIU Chang

    Founder and CEO 17zuoye

    LIU Chang is the founder and CEO of 17zuoye.com, China’s top online homework platform. The site, whose name means “homework together,” serves as a nexus for over 27 million students and their parents and teachers to improve the learning experience. Mr. Liu is also a former senior teacher and executive at New Oriental.

  • LI Xin

    Co-Founder and Vice-President Yuantiku

    LI Xin is co-founder and Vice-President of Yuantiku, an exercise database of authoritative content from previous entrance and professional exams, as well as adaptive exercises to improve learning efficiency. As of early 2016, the company has over 100 million student users.

  • WANG Jianjun

    Founder Makeblock

    Mr. Wang has been fascinated by robots since he studied aircraft design at China’s Northwestern Polytechnical University. Makeblock, which Mr. Wang founded in 2013, teaches STEAM and promotes creativity through robotics construction solutions, allowing users to build any robot they can imagine using a combination of hardware, software and electronic modules.

  • Taobao Education

    Taobao Education

    Taobao Education is already one of China’s largest online education platforms, with its paying users numbering over 10 million. It offers classes in language learning, vocational training and health and beauty.

  • HUANG Jiajia

    Founder and CEO 51Talk

    Jack Jiajia Huang is the founder and CEO of 51Talk, a NYSE listed ESL company which has provided quality one-on-one online English lessons to over 7 million registered users in China since 2011. Prior to graduating from Tsinghua University in 2007, Mr. Huang also founded TalkChina, an online platform for learning Japanese.

Past Guest Lecturers

EdStars regularly invites distinguished speakers from various industries to share their knowledge with our EdStars. The list below contains a small sample of our past lecturers.


  • Tom Bangxin Zhang

    CEO TAL Education Group

    TAL is a leading education services provider in China as well as an active investor in numerous education ventures.

  • Michael Minhong YU

    Founder and Chairman New Oriental Education and Technology Group

    New Oriental is the largest provider of private education services in China with services for learners of all ages.

  • Kevin Xiaofeng MA

    Founder and CEO ATA

    ATA is a leading provider of advanced testing technologies and testing-related services in China.

  • Benson Haibing WANG

    Founder and CEO Taomee Holdings Ltd.

    Taomee is a popular Chinese children’s entertainment and media company with a wide range of online and offline products.


  • David Zhe WEI

    Founding Partner, Vision Knight Capital Former CEO, Alibaba

    Vision Knight Capital is a private equity firm that focuses on internet, e-commerce, and technology sectors in China.

  • Jeffrey Zhaohui LI

    Managing Partner, Tencent Investment General Manager, Tencent M&A

    Tencent is a leading provider of Internet value added services in China covering communication, entertainment, finance, and more.

  • LIU Wei

    CEO, Baidu Ventures Former Partner, Legend Star

    Baidu Ventures is a venture capital unit of Baidu Inc. which aims to invest in AI, virtual reality, and augmented reality projects.

  • LI Feng

    Founding Partner, FreesFund

    FreesFund is a venture capital firm that invests that invests in early-stage startups in China and the U.S.


  • Allen Huainan WANG

    Co-Founder and CEO Babytree

    Babytree is China’s largest online parenting community, reaching 90% of China’s young parents with internet access.

  • YU Jianjun

    Co-Founder Ximalaya

    Ximalaya is a website that enables users to share audio and personal radio stations.

  • Simon Sanwen FANG

    Founder and President Snowball Finance

    Snowball Finance is a social network and online information portal for investors tracking China’s financial markets.

  • LUO Zhenyu

    Founder and CEO Luogic Talkshow

    “Luogic Talkshow” is a popular online weekly Chinese-language variety talk show hosted by Mr. Luo.